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Sex Lives of Circus Freaks
Copyright 1997, Jacquelyn Priskorn

What if a young clown decided to run AWAY FROM the circus? Cathleen is looking for love, and unhappy at her job as a clown. She may have found it in the audience of her latest performance.

Original Production: Oakland University, 1998
Directed by Matthew C. Hammond

Staged Reading: BoxFest, Planet Ant Theatre, 2007

CATHLEEN/GINGER THE CLOWN: female, 20-30 -? (Courtney Burkett '07)

REBEKAH/GRANDMA RAGS: female 50-70 (Missy Beckwith) (Margaret Edwartowski '07)

KARL: male 25-40 -? (Chuck Reynolds '07)

CASSIDY CURRIER: female, 7-11 (Dana Floyd) (Alison Christy '07)

GRAHAM CURRIER: male, 30-40 (Kevin Hughes) (Dax Anderson '07)

REBEKAH goes to light another cigarette when CASSIDY wanders in. She is dressed more for a night at the opera than an afternoon at the circus. She doesn't look too comfortable in these frills.

Is this your dressing room?

No, it's a meat locker. What are you doing back here alone?

My daddy knows one of the guys in the orchestra, what are you doing back here?

(before Rebekah can respond)
This is where all the performers get in and out of costume. What's your name?

I'm not supposed to talk to strangers.

Good idea.

Well, I'm Cathleen. Now I'm not a stranger to you, but you're still a stranger to me, so...?

I may be (seven), but I'm not stupid.
(Cathleen is shocked.)
Oh well, I suppose since daddy's just down the hall... My name is Cassidy Currier. Are you a clown?

How did you know?

Daddy always says that ladies don't wear that much make-up.

There is a shocked silence until Cathleen realizes she hasn't removed all of her stage make-up. Rebekah snorts and goes to light her cigarette. Cassidy moves swiftly to grab the cigarette from her mouth and breaks it in half.

Cigarettes are bad for your health.

So's antagonizing old women, kid.

Rebekah lights half of the cigarette and smokes it defiantly.

So, what brings you backstage, Cassidy? Did you lose your mommy and daddy?

"Mommy" lives in Florida with her new boyfriend. Daddy says he's only one reading group ahead of me in school.

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