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Sex Lives of Circus Freaks
What if a young clown decided to run AWAY FROM the circus? Cathleen is looking for love, and unhappy at her job as a clown. She may have found it in the audience of her latest performance.

Birthday Beer
Dean and Carla have been best friends since high school. Today is Dean's 28th birthday and Carla decides to surprise him by gluing candles to the tops of his beer bottles and professing her love for him. Dean, however shows up, soaking wet and with the news that his stripper ex-girlfriend will be joining them for dinner. What's up with that?

Andrew's life sucks. He is about to drown himself when he meets Ophelia. She introduces herself as "The Angel of Death." Soon, Andrew finds himself in love with her and muses cheerily, "The only thing worth living for is Death." How can they be together?

Gemini: Lessons in Self-Love
Two soul mates wonder if they could be any closer. They decide to live together, in ONE body. The unfortunate person they become is very confused and is desperate to find true love.

Glass Slipper: Size 8
Ella had a terrible break-up with her boyfriend Matt. She has holed herself up in her room and created a fantasy version of Matt who fulfills every romantic dream she's ever had. Her roommate comes home one afternoon and convinces her its time to move on. Matt never thought he would be the one to be dumped!

A couple meets in the park. Do they know each other? If so, why does she hate him so much? This 10 minute play touches on betrayal, abortion, and forgiveness. Both characters deal with these elements and each other in very different ways, but its hard to tell who is right and who is wrong. Maybe no one is.

Love Shackles
Mark is cheating on Rose. Rose knows, and she's going to get him to spill the truth. There's nothing like being blindfolded and handcuffed to make an honest man out of you. And who knows? It might be fun, too.

Tears and Guacamole
How does one jump from the start of a new relationship to "happily ever after"? Devon wants the fairytale now, Joel is a little gun-shy. Can they meet somewhere in between?

The Meek Shall Inherit
The Virgin Mary in a nursing home?

Disarming Prince Charming
Summer love is confusing for 2 college girls.

Not Quite the VFW
Veterans of Community Theatre tell theatre stories.

The Monster
Your typical dark place, your typical monster, your not-so-typical victim.

Love & Plutonium
A screenplay. Dr. Medlo is an evil genius, plotting to take over the world from his room/laboratory in his mother's basement... That is, until Holly comes along. Now, his evil henchman Hank must enlist the help of his arch enemies Justice Kitten and Little Liberty to get his master back from the evil clutches of love.

There Will Come Soft Rains
Written on the fly to meet a deadline for a 10 minute play contest. The guidelines stipulated the play take place in a funeral home. I ran with it from there.

Polar Opposites
Why do penguins mate for life?

Adam's Angels
Inspired by premarital counseling. Why the woman is represented the way she is in the Bible.

Fan-C Cuts
Your favorite fairytale princesses welcome a new recruit at Rapunzel's hair salon.

The Guest Room
A short dramatic screenplay.  What is going on in The Guest Room?

A short comedic screenplay. Newlyweds adjust to living together in a small house.

Bronte's Mom
Seth and Jayne, a young couple in their twenties, return home from their first anniversary dinner to find their dog, Bronte, has destroyed Seth's only pair of running shoes. Seth is distraught over the shoes. Jayne is distraught over something deeper. How can one shoe and one dog bring a couple, already drifting apart in their young marriage, closer together?

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